Correctly Identify Your Injection Pump

It is important to correctly identify your injection pump before taking it for service or replacement. Correctly identifying the injector pump means you should get the right replacement the first time, saving time and money.

All injector pumps should have an identification label or nameplate secured to the outside casing of the injector pump.

This plate will differ in size and information depending on the Brand of  the Injector Pump i.e. Original Equipment Manufacturer (O.E.M), Original Equipment Supplier (O.E.S), Distributor or injector pump reconditioner.

Required Information

In all cases the name plate should contain one of three pieces of information:

1. Injector Pump Model — Type Number
2. Pump Manufactures Part Number — Assembly Number
3. Vehicle Manufactures Part Number

What if the name plate is missing or unreadable?
If the injector name plate is missing or difficult to read, please obtain the following information to help us determine the correct injector pump type.

  • Engine Make and Size
  • Year of Registration
  • Any additional information which could be relevant