Ethics & Objectives

Develop the company business with profitability and competence giving to quality in all activities, for the fulfillment of our beliefs,values and purposes we set targets to be achieved:

  1. Qualify and quantify the needs of customers employees, keeping with them a communication channel always open.
  2. Improve and strengthen relations externally and internally
  3. Promote awareness and involvement of all employees in favour of quality.
  4. Administer with effectiveness,efficiency,speed and transparency.
  5. Meet the laws and ethics and moral principles : emphasize the ecology and respect the environment.
  6. Searching for the growth and survival of the organisation.
  7. Commit to customer satisfaction through integrity and professionalism in our business relationships.
  8. Dedicate to maintaining our knowledge of diesel technology through continued education and knowledge sharing.
  9. Seek to develop a partnership with our customers by exceeding their service expectations.