About Us

Started in November 2007 dealing in diesel fuel injection parts & repair services the company has grown to a substantial position due to the quality parts and enjoy the positive feedback from our clients.

Our well organized structure and utilize the latest technologies, enabling us to meet our customer’s needs accurately and promptly. We carry a wide range of products from various manufacturers, and are constantly increasing our portfolio ensuring to deliver the best solution. Our stores carry a comprehensive selection of diesel fuel injection parts, fuel pumps and injectors suitable for most applications in the market place today.

Dedicated to quality service, our team is both knowledgeable and courteous, focused on building relationships with customers to determine their exact needs and to always provide the right solution. We know that you are looking for diesel parts to either improve your mileage or improve your performance and we carry parts that enable you to do both of these. To that value equation, we also add excellence in customer service. We strive to provide timely ordering and great customer service to our diesel performance parts customers. We are here to help you with any parts selection, and to get your diesel parts to you as quick as we can.

There’s a simple equation we use to govern our parts selection: price+quality=value!